October 6th, 2003


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Man, I didn't do a substantive post all weekend. I rule.

Saturday, breakfast out followed by War Machine tourney, in which I went 1-2 out of 12 players. So, I didn't embarrass myself, despite Magistrate's best attempts to do otherwise. Afterwards, nifty episodes of Teen Titans (Robin being cool!) and Justice League (Amazo!)

Sunday, RenFest, which was adequate. The hour and a half car ride in traffic to get there wasn't good at all, but I got to see a few people, have a few drinks, etc. (Not enough drinks, mind you, and never enough people. But hey.)

Thereafter, Tarzan. now, looking at it, you'd think it's this year's Birds of Prey, and it's close. But it's, well, more boring. I know, hard to believe. My money says it'll be gone before the season's over.

Oh, and finally remembered to tape the new episodes of X-men: Evolution Saturday morning. And what do I get? A freakin' Rogue/Gambit episode! asdf;lasjkg;jska. Much like the "Mushroom Samba" episode of Cowboy BeBop, it wasn't as bad as I expected, but still. I need less Gambit in my life, not more.

On the good television front, RQ taped the season premiere of Scrubs for me. Yay!

Later, news, I guess.

LAST WEEK'S IMDb DISCOVERY: Xander has a *twin*? Eep!
THIS WEEK'S IMDb DISCOVERY: Jordan (from Scrubs) is the screenwriter's wife. Also, I entirely didn't pick up that Turk is the guy from DuJour (from Josie.)