September 29th, 2003


My week, in review

Monday, uh, slacking I guess. Errands. And a certain book of club.
Tuesday, hanging out with JubJub.
Wednesday, see Monday, but include some laundry. Oh, and Angel and Smallville.
Thursday, Dream Wizards, the Blood Bowl, etc.
Friday, maybe going out.
Saturday, Justice League season premiere, War Machine tournament at Dream Wizards.
Sunday, Renfest, unless I lose an eye playing War Machine. And the Tarzan premiere! It looks like this year's Birds of Prey, *except with Tarzan.*

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On this day in 1829, London's reorganized police force, which became known as Scotland Yard, went on duty.

Also, in 1982, seven people in the Chicago area died after unwittingly taking Tylenol capsules laced with cyanide.

More comedy gold from - actual excerpts from an anime web forum.

* Occasionally, Ted Rall may be right. (Courtesy sjo.)
* The undemocratic process by which Congress operates.
* Influential director Elia Kazan passed away.
* Man, I wish there was an internet and web logs when I went to high school.
* Linking stress and comfort foods.
* FilmJerk asks for *more* cross-platform marketing? Huh.