September 26th, 2003


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"In that one statement we see the inherent paradox of Gray Davis: he's right... but he's a dick."
-Jon Stewart

Rest in peace, Robert Palmer.

Clubbing last night was big fun! I am very glad I went. Carpooled up with Dona Quixote, after a lack of knitting night (and a last-minute McDonald's run, when I realized I was hungry.) The music at the club was pretty decent, but I didn't get dancey for some reason. And the place was, in fact, kind of empty. But there was enough cool people to hang out with, including old friends I haven't seen in years. (Oh, and I had to let Amsterdamned in on The Big Sekrit. Busted!)

Oh, I guess I never put up a review of Underworld here. The short answer: if you liked the trailer, you'll like the movie. I have some complaints about the, oh, acting, plot, characters, etc. But really, it's eye candy, and there it works fine. Some good fight scene sensibilities there, too, though I wanted a couple of the fights to be even longer. And after seeing it, I can now say WW doesn't have a leg to stand on with their lawsuit.

Mary's new nickname: Fuzzbucket
Fortune Cookie: "You heart is pure, and your mind is clear."
CD playing: Eleven Shadows, "Space Age Love Song"

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"Twenty years ago I did a comic book about a 21st century America with endless reality shows based on public humiliation; a federal government secretly selling off pieces of the United States; and a citizenry so drugged out on media they colluded in their own betrayal. Don't say I didn't warn you."
-Howard Chaykin, on American Flagg

Yo gamers: discussion of railroading on Troia's LJ. (Since we were discussing this last week...)

Full text of the Democratic debate. And here's Troia's rundown/discussion.

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