September 19th, 2003


(no subject)

So yeah, we lost power for a few hours last night. Tragically, the ones in which I was supposed to be working from home. But hey, that's why we have a NOC in Dallas also. And now everything is fine, power is fine, cable is fine (which shocks me most.) Apparently a lot of people in the area are without power, and thusly a lot of traffic lights are out, etc. So I don't think I will be able to get errands done (haircut, new shoes) today. Ah well, will do it when I pick up my suit tomorrrow. After staying awake all night on night shift. Part-ay.

I did have time to read volume 3 of Ultimate X-men though. They've created a couple real-world parallels, which are pretty decent. Instead of our war on terrorism, their war on terrorism is centered on Magneto and other mutants. It mostly works, and it's refreshing to see famous people depicted in comic books, instead of Generic President #2.

Did I mention how the roof of our house wasn't, in fact, blown off? I'm saving the I-told-you-so's for later, though.

(Oh, and soon, time to call Mom, and say yes, I'm sorry for not calling on your birthday, and sorry we can't make birthday dinner tomorrow night, and why don't we go out to eat tonight, etc.)