September 15th, 2003


(no subject)

RQ's sister and sister's fiancee flew out yesterday. Was fun seeing them, and eating out like every meal and stuff, but I am always vaguely glad when guests go, so things can go back to normal. Er, as normal as they were before.

We did dine with them Saturday at Du Claw, after a fine viewing of Once Upon a Time in Mexico. It rocks. I have a couple complaints about the movie, but really, they are minor. It's a treat of a film, everything you'd expect and a little more. (Minor complaints: a bit too many subplots, a bit too many characters.) Oh, and I now know what my Halloween costume will be this year.

This weekend has also unfortunately been peppered with hospital visits to see a close friend going through a hard time. I'm so tired of Laurel Regional, really. This is the fourth occasion I've had to visit in the past year and change. Well, at least it's a short commute.

More later.