August 15th, 2003



Today's must-read article: Nicholas Kristof on the divide between religious and intellectual America.

Here's a couple good stories from Marketplace (on NPR.) Yes, RealAudio, but worth it.
* Star Trek franchise is in trouble; it's just not making the money it used to, or that it needs to.
* Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on why the US needs 4-weeks paid vacation a year.

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Last night was a treat of IK: War Machine. Team Khador stomped its way to victory over Menoth and their mercenary ally Magnus. Also, I think I'm finally learning the names of some of the Dream Wizards crowd (faces, I get. Names take me a few goes.) Sunday is the IK: WM tourney! Eep!

(And when I first wrote this, I left out the "r" in treat. Haw haw!)

But first, I gotta get through tomorrow, in which I drive up to NJ with my dad to help get furniture out of Grandma's house (she's in the home, and quite happy there.) I may get a couch out of the deal, will have to check what condition it is in first. She's been a hardcore packrat since the 50's, it's a family trait on both sides (so I was predestined.) When they were cleaning out the small stuff from the house, they found bags of receipts from the 1950's, and bags full of rubber bands and the like.

Oh, and I gotta get through tonight, which is *still* up in the air. Yeesh. At this rate, I won't be able to catch up with anyone.

* Snee hee hee. Iraqis offer New Yorkers tips for the blackout. (Courtesy Callico.)
* An article on New York's other two blackouts. (Courtesy Operative X.) You know, I am sick and tired of hearing about the cooperation and spirit of New York. You guys are hogging it all! We get the point already! Give someone else a shot now and then, yeesh.

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What I meant to say was, I'm going to New Jersey on *Tuesday.*
Oh, and my parents just got here, so I can go out tonight. Note how late it is!
Oh, and I haven't had a chance to shower yet, as RQ's mom was sleeping all afternoon while I babysat.
*Oh* *and* that means I don't even have plans to be late to, since I don't know what time I could do anything.

This is my happy face.