August 13th, 2003


(no subject)

I admit it, Freaky Friday was pretty damn good, and pretty damned funny. Both Curtis and the kid do impressive jobs as their respective body-switched selves, and even Mark Harmon does well in a role designed for Huey Lewis. Oh, and a soundtrack full of covers, which is to be on my Amazon list soonly.

I will note up front that I got a couple drinks in me first, which I am sure helped. But still.

Other weirdness: people making out in the back row of the theater. Uh, hello? Shouldn't you go to some other, cooler movie to do that?

Anyways. After movie, a few more drinks, and a fine evening was had by all. Except for the knot in my hair, but, uh, yeah.

To Do List for Today:
Trim my fingernails. These things sneak up on you sometimes.