August 12th, 2003


Gaming things!

If you're into d20, here's a link to a new prestige class for the Iron Kingdoms setting - the gun mage. Iron Kingdoms is the setting used in the War Machine miniatures game I am into, and I rather dig it.

Heroclix Newz - Did I mention the link to the IndyClix list? Boneyard is always right about these things. Also, I am making teams to represent the factions in the X-Men: Evolution cartoon (Xavier's students, the teachers, the Brotherhood, and Magneto's crew.) The question is, should I push to get them all to 300 points, which will mean upgrading some past their rookie/more representative figs? Or should I keep them around where they are (~200ish.) [And anyone who says "make both lists!" will be mocked without mercy. I'll *eventually* do both, after some playtesting. Yeesh.]

(no subject)

* The cult of Amelie brings tourism to the film's locations.
* More unknown weirdness: baseball academies in Central America
* Nicholas Kristof on the genetic quest for immortality.
* You know, if the administration was smart, they would have forgotten about the Iraq war protestors. But no.
* Paul Krugman on military logistical problems and administration cost-cutting.
* Speaking of wacky ideas, check out the proposed changes to the Health Corps.
* California recall update: why bother re-arranging the names on the ballot? Yeesh. Have Californians not heard of the ALHPABET? It works just fine for EVERYONE ELSE NOT IN A CRAZY STATE. And there are more logistical problems with a ballot with over *200* names.
* Mounting evidence of innocent people being executed.
* Hopefully good news: a number of Ashcroft's aides are leaving the Justice Department.