August 6th, 2003


Rains, pours, etc.

So, yes, unhappiness with the home situation does translate into me getting more time out of the house, which is a step in the right direction. Not an ideal circumstance, as I do still live there and stuff, but hey, surviving.

Last night was a fine sekrit mission with Operative X to Bethesda-land, cobb zalad was acquired, and Whale Rider was watched at Ye Olde Landemarke. It's a fine film, I recommend it highly. And what did we hear on the ride home? "Suspicious Minds"! Sah-weet-a. Left (comparatively) early, yet still managed to wake up late today. A guy can't get no breaks, I tell you.

Monday was also lunch and comic books (and errands) with JubJub, a fine way to spend an afternoon off.

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So anyways.

Some Heroclix links, since I wager like me, other people can't keep up with anymore:
* The current rumors for the next Marvel set (Critical Mass), which is in theory this November.
* The new maps, coming up in the accurately-titled map sets.
* And if you wanna see something neat, check out
* Finally, the confirmed to-date list for IndyClix. It appears they are doing separate releases for the UK and the US (UK gets more 2000AD characters, US gets more CrossGen characters) which is convincing me that I should forego the box this time around, and just shoot for the singles I want (since, well, Hellboy and 2000AS are the biggest draws for me.) Very frustrating.