July 22nd, 2003


Tuesday is poll day

Cribbing notes from Sailor Tork...

Today's topic is cover songs!

1.) What is your favorite cover song (and who does the cover)?
2.) Given that you were in a band and everything, what one song would you cover?

(no subject)

Last night, fell asleep re-watching Red Dragon (though I got to see the part where he said 'oodles' which is the best part of the film.)

Night before was fun indeed. A tasty dinner at Mandalay with Lemon Russ and Operative X, followed by a trip to Town Hall (no, the booze place) (at which two photos were taken.) On the drive back, I in fact heard "The Humpty Dance", which I now need an MP3 of. (Hint hint.) Thereafter, some TV, and my favorite of late-night drinking and discussion (and some complex things confirmed.) (More on that, eventually, I am sure.)

SomethingAwful.com scores another win with today's Goldmine, Glitches in the Matrix.

Courtesy Magistrate, Neil Gaiman's keynote speech at the Eisner Awards.

And OMG, Magnus!

News in a few. Now, conference call.

Fortune Cookie: "You will soon meet a dark stranger."
CD playing: Apoptygma Berzerk, "Unicorn"