July 20th, 2003


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Caught the first episode of Teen Titans last night. It's very, very kid-oriented, moreso than Justice League. Also the art has gotten even *more* stylized, and it's virtually anime at this point. That's probably gonna bug me in the long run. Oh, and they didn't go over how the team formed, which is a no-no for a supergroup show. But maybe I'm a harsh critic here.

Also this weekend, re-watched the DVDs for Kundun (beautiful movie) and Tombstone (man, so many big-to-medium actors in there.)

On a 40k note, finally decided on a color scheme for my Tau (crimson and dark grey.) Naturally, after doing up a couple models, I also decided that this is the time to try painting on the sprue as well. Many nooks and crannies! Anyways. (Kroot, still deciding, but leaning towards a light brown.)

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