June 30th, 2003


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Caught part 1 of Caesar on TNT last night (it being TNT, they showed it literally three times in a row. God bless 'em) after a tasty family dinner at Pasta Plus. The movie/miniseries was, um, yeah. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't very engrossing or interesting. Nevertheless, I will watch the second half, because you never know. It was nice of them to lift some scenes directly from Gladiator though. And Richard Harris, poor Richard Harris. Thankfully, he was overshadowed by the complete inappropriateness of Christopher Walken, who I believe was there to make Chris Noth look less comedic.

Plans this week are a complete mystery. A dinner is on tap for, uh, some night. A theory of gaming Thursday. I don't even know what's going on on the 4th! (Including whether or not I am working, or if BBQs will be held, etc.) It's all crazy man!

More info on Marvel's 1602 project, written by some guy named Neil Gaiman. (Courtesy Magistrate.)

And the Origins Gaming awards are in, and it's a WizKids sweep. (Also courtesy Magistrate.)

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