June 26th, 2003


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* Ehrlich orders $650 million in funding withheld. Oh, and let's hit the University even more, good idea.
* Courtesy Iceman, the Bush administration is pushing to have religious recruitment flyers placed in all students' backpacks at Mont. Co. schools. It sounds absurd, but there it is.
* In case you thought these terrorist accusations by the government were fair and logical, some recently unsealsed transcripts show otherwise.
* Libraries can get federal funds cut for not censoring the Internet, but let's make sure religious groups *can* get funding despite blatant discrimination.

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Did I loan someone my Guide to the Camarilla? I just can't remember anymore.

Last night, saw Thirteen Conversations About One Thing which was better than expected. There needs to be a sub-genre for 'intersecting short story movies' at some point. Anyways, great acting, a very even tone over the whole thing, and pretty remarkable character focus made this one work quite well.

40k note: assembled my Basilisk for priming in one day! Record for me.

Diablo 2 tale of almost-woe! In hardcore, I just killed Duriel. If you've heard me bitch about this before, you know I find him to be the hardest boss in the game, hands down. So I got him, whew, and then, I lose my connection to the server *before I even make it to talk to the angel*! AUGH! Get back in, run over there, DROPPED AGAIN. Yeesh. After a few tries (it's a long run without portals) I finally get the quest completed. But man, angry.

Anyways, tonight, Goblin and Decore over for Heroclix. w00t.

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