June 25th, 2003


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I forgot to mention a fortuitous trip to the thrift store on Monday or so, which led to me obtaining 80s apparel for the party this Saturday. Now I won't have to go with my backup plan of wayfarers, boxers and an open button-down shirt to go all Risky Business...

Today was errands. The first being "drag your baby to work to show her off day." She was the life of the party, I tell you. Afterwards, tasty zalad at the Jungle Grill, followed by my monthly tithe to the Closet O' Comics. Aaaaaand, I just got a mail saying my Cosmic Justice boosters are en route! Spectacular.

MUST READ: Check out this fine WashingtonPost.com article on the 100th birthday of George Orwell. (Courtesy a couple people that sent it to me.)

Maybe news later, if I get less mad at it. In the meantime, "courtesy" Magistrate, I bring you Octodog.

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Man, that's, uh, soon.