June 22nd, 2003


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Last night, a bunch of people came over to my place, and it turned into a zombie double-header! (After MXC and chatting, of course.) Was good seeing people, and having a few drinks, and bebe was popular as always.

Our first zombie-riffic selection was Return of the Living Dead which was even better than I remember it. Any lack in scary value is made up for in high comedy. This will eventually be on my to-purchase list. I still crack up at the "send more cops" line.

Thereafter, I wanted to toss on some other movie while people stuck around and chatted. however, we found the remake of Night of the Living Dead (the version with Candyman and that chick from Babylon 5 in it.) A welcome surprise! I mean, the movie's not all that, but that also meant we could talk over it and not feel bad.

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