June 19th, 2003


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Keep forgetting to mention the father's day present I got for myself: giant Hulk fists, that you wear over your own fists, and when you punch them into things, they make smashing noises and roar! They're downright awesometastic.

Last night, a fun visit from the Baroness, which included a viewing of the fine, fine film Bats. it was really everything I thought it would be, including the best scientist evar. (I kept wishing the cast of Lake Placid would show up, though.)

Angry about work, blah blah blah.

Wonder who all is gonna be around this weekend for hanging out, as I know a number of people are trekking to foreign territory for parties and vacations.

But tonight, possibly knitting.


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Quick note, my sister had her sonogram today, and will be having a boy. Now, time to start lobbying for names.

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