June 15th, 2003


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Yesterday was a marathon of VH1's I Love the 80's I have to admit, between this, Pop-Up Videos, Behind the Music, and their innumerable Top Ten shows, the channel really has a flair for watchable television. Anyways, here's hoping yesterday's viewing will get me ideas for the rapidly-approaching 80's party.

Also yesterday during Homicide, they mentioned Mary Mary Surratt, and I snickered.

So, picture it: RQ at the store, baby very unhappy and very vocal about it. Freakish rainstorm appears out of nowhere, knocking out the cable pretty much at the same time as the window in our kitchen starts leaking (mind you, it has *never* done this before.) Suffice it to say, I was less than pleased.

This afternoon, my older sister's getting married (civil ceremony, real wedding is in August or so.) So she won't have a bastard child like I do. :}

And everyone, don't forget tomorrow night at 11 pm, F/X premieres the new Orlando Bloom Jones talk show

Found recently: the Buffy FAQ2, answering such important questions as "how many Apocalypses were there on Buffy?"

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Best headline approximately ever: Hot Zombie Love. Oh, and the article's pretty interesting too.

Must read: Bill Moyers gave an awesome speech on accepting an award from the Take Back America conference.

(And linked from there: John Dean asks "Is lying about the reason for war an impeachable offense?"

WashingtonPost.com special: the unfettered greed and growth of AOL.

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"Have you noticed how often Israel kills a Hamas activist and the victim is described by Israelis as 'a senior Hamas official' or a 'key operative'? This has led me to wonder: How many senior Hamas officials could there be?" -Thomas L. Friedman