June 10th, 2003


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You are cordially invited...
This Thursday, at Nations Gothics Club, GothProm, with goth and 80's music. Show in your finest frippery! I'm leaning toward a black suit with a poet shirt, myself. I demand all y'all's attendance! Corsages will be obtained!

Lord, where to start on last night. A soiree at the sekrit base of Operative X, delivery Chinese foood was consumed. And with that down - zombie time! Our first selection was Harry Knuckles and the Aztec Mummy (which was technically while waiting on ch0w.) X had picked up a Troma filmfest DVD, including this 30-minute epic of secret agent codenamed Spanish Fly; the film involved kung fu, the aforementioned Aztec Mummy, a lot of bananas, and SANTO! the saint of the wrestling ring. Everything I could have hoped for. The entree was Dawn of the Dead, which was even better than I remember. 70's! Shopping mall! And the walking dead! Our comparative nightcap, Resident Evil, which I so love. I don't know why I don't have a copy yet. Afterwards, stayed up way too late sobering up, listening to keen music, looking at keen pictures (some in rerun) and of course, fine conversation. Mind you, I barely had time for a nap before work, but definitely worth it.

I just got back from the Village Thrift, but remain lacking in 80's clothing (well, a tie.) Some other treats were obtained, however.

Fortune Cookie: "A new work opportunity will avail itself." [I *wish.*]
CD playing: St. Etienne, "Stormtroopers in Drag"