June 8th, 2003


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In reply to snidegrrl's "shower meme" survey thing...

1. How did you handle the change from cassettes to CDs?

Oh, easily. I got in late to the whole thing, though. Like, college. A bunch of my friends got together and bought me a nice boom box for my birthday, and in fact that has been the only CD player I have owned. My friends are wonderful. As for the medium itself, I only owned less than a hundred tapes (including mix tapes and copies,) some of which I am just getting versions on CD now (for example, a couple months back was INXS, Kick.)

2. How do you feel about getting older?

When I was much younger, I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it to 30. Now, it's less than six months away. I suppose 'accepting' is the best word I have at the moment. Not exactly ready for it, as a number of things have changed in the past couple years that are going to affect the rest of my life (eighteen or so pounds of which is asleep in her crib at home as I type.) So I'm trying to be all enlightened and go with the flow, and still make time for myself and things I still want to do.

Really, I am just hoping to go grey at the temples first.

3. Describe your relationship to nature, the earth, etc.

I've always described the Sun as my archenemy. I like nature, in general, as long as it stays in place. Bugs are fine outdoors, but not in my house. I like having a cat or two in the house, but I wouldn't like having some wild animal there. I like having woodsy area I can reach easily, and nice parks, but again, compartmentalized. I love rain, though, and storms and evening. I couldn't stand living in the country, it's too far from 'things' happening. On the other hand, I can see myself getting sick of the city in short order as well. I guess I'm just a suburban boy.

4. What quality makes a person the most desirable to have as a friend?

Ooh, good one. I have to go with 'understanding.' I like having friends that understand me, and friends I can understand. Everything else (trust, sense of humor, creativity) comes after that.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?


When I was younger, I read everything on cryptozoology, the supernatural, etc. I knew *everything* about the Loch Ness Monster. Starting in, uh, high school, I started reading, shall we say more objective books on the subject. So now my reading is all about debunking these things, finding out where the legends come from, etc. Interest is still there, but the angle has changed.

The part I don't discuss often: I believe in reincarnation, and I think people can slip off the wheel, as it were. Also, I believe in psychic phenomenon, and I think pieces can get left behind as an 'impression.' However, I have yet to see any proof of any of this; I doubt I ever will. I still take it on faith, though.


And now I solicit others to ask me five questions, and I will ask each of you five in return, to answer in your LJ. I think that's how this game works.

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The Italian Job was pretty awesome, I have to admit. Another in a new trend in 'intelligent crime' movies, this one also had some good chase scenes and, oddly enough, very little gunplay. It's not quite Ocean's 11 (where everyone was wittier and prettier) but about as good, I would say. See, this is what I would want out of a d20 Modern game. Hmm... And hey, why wasn't that guy Orlando Jones? And that other guy Vin Diesel? But I digress, the actors were all just fine, up to and including Skinny Pete.

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On this day in 632 AD, the prophet Mohammed died.

Here's my writeup of the HeroClix tournament I hit yesterday.

I also recently picked up a new Vampire sourcebook. For those out of the loop, there's a line of sourcebooks for third edition that have no stats whatsoever, just discussions of topics for players and STs alike. I am in love with this. It reminds me of The Prince's Primer, possibly the best and most overlooked supplement from the past.

Yesterday, I picked up Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party, which is living up to my expectations. It's all about vampire parties, social gatherings, Elysiums, Sabbat Ritae, etc. And plots to have happen there, *why* vampires (otherwise solitary creatures) would hang out together, ideas for encounters. lots and lots of material packed in there. It's turning out almost as good as Midnight Siege. Which is to say, good. Anyways.

You're all on notice: Sunday, June 29th, my place, TNT premiere of Julius Caesar. How can it be bad? It has both Christopher Walken *and* Chris Noth! And it's by Uli Edel! (Note: I'm pretty sure I'm the only Uli Edel fan on Earth.)

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