June 3rd, 2003


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Just got the call from RQ, and yep, she has in fact has strep. So now I need to avoid my house forever. And, so glad we didn't hit book club last night, as that would have meant exposing everyone.

Unfortunately, we watched 8 Legged Freaks instead. It was very, ehn. Mix together Tremors with Scream and add a dash of Gremlins. Now remove all the heart from the above films. Very glad I didn't pay for this one.

Tonight, theoretically, Jyhad. At least for part of the night.

* A dark day for the public, in the face of new, larger media conglomerates.
* We're #1! I got your PATRIOT Act right here.
* We're here to bring you democracy. Well, sort of. Eventually. Maybe.
* Oh, Bush is pledging full commitment to the Israel-Palestine situation now. That's good news, especially considering what his full commitment to Afghanistan and Iraq has done for them.
* Canada has a spying agency?

(no subject)

No Jyhad for me tonight, RQ's strep has got her down.

Theory of finding something not overly expensive to do Thursday for my night out instead.

Theory of hosting folks Friday night. Possibly movie? Possibly... Zombies?

Who. Can. Say.