May 24th, 2003


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Last night was a quick dinner at Don Pablo's, followed by a fun soiree for Yatzee's birthday. Some drinking was done, I caught up on 7th Sea info, I ducked out of Catchphrase in favor of chatting with people on the porch. All in all, a fun gathering of some friends. Though the whole night seemed to fly right by, honestly.

The discussion *did* re-convinced me that I want to run a table-top RPG soon (faithful readers of my LJ should know I waffle back and forth on this constantly.) Now, the question once again boils down to finding players (to show up at my cat-and-baby-full house once every couple weeks or so) and what system to run (so I can learn whatever rules I need to. Rules being the thing I am worst at.) And so on and so forth.

* "Nothing in public opinion polls suggests that the country hungers for the $350 billion tax cut approved by Congress yesterday, nor does a significant share of the population view the latest tax cut as the best answer to the economy's weakness."
* Despite the administration's claims otherwise, the Bremer thing was rushed, because they say the public saw the Iraqi thing failing.
* Mueller launches outside review of internal FBI disciplinary investigations.

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The plan was simple.

Plans never work.

What was meant to be a quick trip to Blockbuster to get a movie or two for tonight, turned into me cleaning out their just-under $10 used DVD bins. And a lot of these were on my 'to buy' list!

What I got:
24 Hour Party People, Atlantis, The Big Lebowski, Bring It On, (!) Brotherhood of the Wolf, Clerks, The Count of Monte Cristo, Fight Club, Igby Goes Down, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

[OK, the last one was a bit off, but it's got some fun stuff. And I had to pass up a handful more (Spider-man, A.I., Minority Report, etc.) so the process of paring it down got harder and harder.]