May 23rd, 2003


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Yesterday was a fun 40k MegaBattle. I brought two Inquisitors and some Stormtroopers, joined up with my fellow Inquisitors, and we faced off against a *lot* of Chaos daemons. Scary! The only downside was the dorky player on my right, who took the no points limit thing to mean "bring everything you own." I had never seen a Thunderhawk on a table before. I have also never seen one get blown up before. :} All in all, it was pretty fun, and has satiated my 40k bug for a while.

If you don't know what the above means, it reads "I played with toy soldiers yesterday."

Afterwards, tasty (but greasy) pizza with Magistrate and a couple others. But I was rushing to paint up the Daemonhunters for yesterday, and now I dont' have anything immediate to paint! And my Khador War Machines are virtually done. What should I work on next?

Regent brings us the best news evar! (Hint: it involves movies and dragons.)

Other News:
* What a surprise, once again we let Israel dictate how things are run.
* Great time to review our intelligence on Iraq, guys.