May 17th, 2003


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Last night was a fine, fine affair at the house of Holly Hobby and Agent Black. I avoided most of he spoilery stuff regarding Matrix 2 while still insinuating myself into the movie discussion. Some Zombies! was played, but once again we were ambitious and started too late to finish the game (didn't get to see enough of the military base, but the Mall is a treat.) Oh, and I drank! (Including an incident where Holly Hobby smacked my arm, causing me to throw my beer on Regent's foot. Hee.)

People who were talking about glasses shopping with me, what time next week would be good? I'm off work at 4.

And now, a conundrum! Should I take my night off Monday to see Matrix 2, or should I take Thursday off to enable clubbing?

* Starting small: American-controlled Iraq might break with OPEC.
* Well, I personally don't think it's a big issue that Bush can't find the 'weapons of mass destruction.' As aforementioned, I was in this whole thing because I was anti-Hussein, not the WMD excuse.
* Good lord. Freakin' politics are just money now. People wonder why citizens are disenfranchised, but that's the way the rich like it, so their bought votes mean more. Gah.
* And the aftermath of the Texas 53.