May 11th, 2003


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Today's Best Headline: "Derby-Winning Jockey Probed"

* Desson Howe covers summer movie previews.
* Conservatives decide they know what's best for mothers in the military.
* Whoah. Science-fiction-y find may reveal new clues in the anthrax case.
* Oh my word, Kim Jong Il is crazy. I mean, really nuts.
* Task force leaves Iraq, having found *no* chemical weapons. I mean, I still believe Hussein had them, but haw haw on you, Mr. Bush.
* Bush's visit to a plant may cost employees money. Compassionate conservatism!
* A turning point in the Middle East, but which Bush will show?
* Again, even the reduced tax cut would be the third largest in US history. And heavens, the GOP wants tax cuts to be annual.
* Yay gumshoes! Toronto detectives stopping SARS the old-fashioned way.
* FCC to cast major vote on media ownership in a few weeks.
* Local news: Montgomery County council tries to redraft smoking ban.
* Seamus Heaney wins Truman Capote Award for literary criticism.
* Flashback: rituals to pass tests.
* Lame: Eminem denies Weird Al.
* William Gibson, visionary 'prince of cyberpunk'

Fortune Cookie: "Someone is speaking well of you."