April 22nd, 2003


(no subject)

So, last night over some tasty tapas at Jaleo, I was discussing with the departure of Buffy and the lack of renewal for Angel, I'm not going to have any new shows to watch on TV! (Except Smallville, Scrubs, and The Shield.) (Oh, and Samurai Jack which has new episodes starting April 26th at 8 pm!)

So, yeah, like I said, no new shows! Little did I know, that problem would be partially alleviated that very evening, thanks to her TiVO. First is Trigger Happy TV, on Comedy Central. Weird people do weird things in public, sometimes involving animal suits or a cheerleader outfit, and then film people's reactions. Pretty amusing.

The second, and more impressive is Most Extreme Challenge (or something like that.) They took a (bizarre) Japanese game show, and dubbed over all the voices with their own storyline and comedy. It's hilarious, as they mix in contestants injuring themselves with MST3K level humor. Such a treat.