April 18th, 2003


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Last night, I found out what they *really* talk about at Knitting Club.

Wait, what I meant to say was, last night was a fine, fine evening out with Sailor Tork. First, to the dangerous Second Story Books in Rockville. I forgot my hunting list, but I still managed to find some things from my wishlist. The miracle was, I made it out of there only having spent under $15 dollars (though I got five books out of the deal, so, yeah.)

After some driving confusion (not entirely my fault this time) we then hit Fuddruckers, where I ate ostrich. Back to her place, she went to work and I chatted with a crafty crew for a few and watched Master Ozzrick play redbug, which is the best game evar.

Also, I have figured out the CD mixing process. All bugs formally worked out. And this is my new favorite icon.

* Interior decorating tips from Saddam's love shack.
* Dealing with daily life and change in Cairo.
* Science news that slipped by: SARS related to the common cold, and sequencing of human genome nearly complete.
* Great choice on who to guard our privacy, guys.
* Well, duh: research shows bullies, victims likely to carry weapons.

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"The free market rhetoric of this administration has not been matched by its deeds. Bush is for free trade, but we have had steel quotas. Bush is against big government, but he signed and even praised the most expensive and protectionist agriculture bill in American history. Bush says he wants to let the free market work, but he has approved multi-billion dollar bailouts of the insurance and airline industries. Bush says he wants to create a more pro-business regulatory environment, but economist Brian Wesbury reports that pages in the federal register have soared in the past couple of years. Under Bush, the pace of budget growth has been three times what it was under Bill Clinton. No wonder we have a bear market."
-Stephen Moore, "Sliding stocks lead to one-term Presidents"

Judges question request to halt suit against Cheney over energy contacts.

Speaking of, corporations caught dealing with the enemy barely receive a slap on the wrist (courtesy Sailor Tork.)

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