April 9th, 2003


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Man, I went a month or two without a big unexpected expense. It felt great! Well, the good news is, my car will stop making all the funny noises, and I will fix some of the things I put off fixing last time I had it in. The bad news is, back to ramen for a month! Wait, it isn't that bad. But yeah, close.

Last night, fell asleep on the couch watching Stargate director's cut ultimate edition or whatever the superfluous name. Wasn't too much new in there, really. Oh, and I now have the older DVD of Stargate which I bought used a while back, if anyone wants it.

Also, watched Human Traffic yesterday, which I had borrowed from Mistress Sassy. It was pretty good, took a while to get rolling, and the director needs to learn to cut a couple jokes shorter, because, yeah, we got it sooner. It also fulfilled my requirement that movies featuring drugs should show why people do drugs, i.e. because they make them feel good. It also did a good job of showing the downside, so yeah. Really, it was a good movie to catch on cable. Oh, and it featured the best new national anthem ever.

High comedy: undercover officers have to research to pretend to be 14 year old girls for online stings.

Also, that wacky Left Behind book series keeps churning out. My mom recommended them to me, since I am pro-apocalypse, but again, I don't think I can commit to any huge book series from the get-go.