March 27th, 2003


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I rarely have dreams, or remember them when I wake, either way. When I do, it feels very weird. Had a dream the other night, I was at the Black Cat, in fact at first it was just a flashback to the concert I just saw. Except the band was *much* louder. One of my ex'es best friend (Joy) showed up out of nowhere, sat down with us and started explaining something to me. I couldn't hear a word she said, but in the dream I seemed to understand it all.

As a side note, I do like the new Black Cat, though. No better a space for clubbing, but a good place for small shows. Downstairs is very closed in, one might say intimate if one spoke in the third person. Upstairs is a little bigger (and needs better bartenders) but has some good tables in the back, which lets you see over the crowd (since the stage isn't that high, it all works out.)

Today's must-read article: a big conspiracy theory article on the Bush administration creating more unrest in the Mideast to further the neo-conservative and warhawk plans to reform the region. It's all over the map, but definitely worth it. (Courtesy Sailor Tork.)

And courtesy Magistrate, my RPG connection, a rant by John Wick on how he'd improve d20.

Just yesterday, I was wondering about how evolution was continuing, since we have such an active hand in biology these days, and then the Straight Dope mentions their previous article on it. I love Cecil!

Tonight: Nation. Finally. I'm pretending I don't feel sick, because I don't wanna miss it again.

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