March 14th, 2003


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OK, so let's talk nukes.

North Korea aside, Iran is now asserting a right to nuclear weapons. This raises a lot of questions about their ambitions, naturally.

For a while, I have had a big issue with the fact that the US is saying other countries cannot develop weapons of mass destruction, while we not only have the largest stockpiles of such weapons, but are actively developing more. That hypocrisy just strikes a raw nerve with me.

More than that, though, we *can't* stop it in other countries. The information is out there, the literal Pandora's box. I can pick up a physics textbook and figure out the basics of a bomb myself, so highly-trained scientists in any country can do the same and better. (I'm also very anti-censorship, but that's another rant. Don't just say 'well, we should keep the info secret, because info like that *never* stays secret.)

I don't think we need to be working to eliminate countries working on nuclear bombs. I think we need to be working to help countries understand each other and educate their citizens and get better dialogs between longtime enemies, preferably in the context of an international (and thereby less partial) body, such as the UN. We can't stop the information from flowing; we have to teach people why they shouldn't use it.

And yes, I am enough of a realist to say that some people will do it regardless. However, hopefully by that point we will have established better international relations between countries, and this will in turn create a more unified response against 'rogue states' that employ such tactics.

Education. Communication. These are the ways to change people's minds.

It's my same complaint with the 'war on terrorism.' That would be like declaring war on religion, or science. It's an idea, not a country, or a person. You can't kill an idea, no matter how many bombs you use.

OK, enough rant and ramble for now. been meaning to get that off my chest for like a week.

Last week's Friday Five

Well, the questions are from last week. The answers are all current.

1. What was the last song you heard?

Lead into Gold, "Faster than Light" (Black Box collection)

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

That'd be Final Destination and 1984, Bob.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

Counting eBay: some Heroclix and Mage Knight Dungeons figs, also "Four Noble Truths" (audio cassettes of the Dalai Lama speaking. For the car.)
Not counting eBay: soda, milk (2%) and baby wipes. (FEEL THE EXCITEMENT.)

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

Need? Shower, read book club book, carry the baby all over the house, and clean up for having people over Sunday.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

Five people here at work.