March 4th, 2003


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On this day in 1193, Saladin, the legendary Muslim warrior who opposed the Crusades, died.

Best SomethingAwful update evar: cute kitten pictures! [Note: not a trap.]

NPR was talking about this new book, which sounded pretty awesome. It's about Karl Rowe, and his place as Bush's "co-president."

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Fortune Cookie: "Enough is as good as a feast."

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After a spicy set of wings, Operative X and Ghan and I hit the Recher in Baltimore for the Interpol concert. Opening band was the Raveonettes, who majored in guitar noise and opened with a Buddy Holly cover, so they met with the seal of approval. Interpol itself was very keen; they even played Operative X's favorite song (which was apparently all of them.) Well worth the trip, it was beaucoup fun.

And that's why I'm not seeing GYBE tonight. Sacrifices, etc.

Incidentally, Carbonleaf will be playing at the Recher on Sat., April 12th, which may have my interest, depending on ticket cost (and I know it'll sell out, too, being next to college.

Wow, lots of strong opinions about Requiem for a Dream. Now I am even more curious (note: this will be my fatal flaw.) And with no new Buffy or Smallville tonight, plans may get moved up.

Let me also say, there's nothing cooler than driving through the suburbs at 10 MPH on a soda run for the girlfriend and baby. Radio playing "Born to Be Wild," cruising in my almost ten-year old car, which was bought (thanks to some help from a close friend) for my job when it went night shift. It's freekin' poetic.

Now, what you've all been waiting for: a wacky report on a Nordic larping convention.