February 27th, 2003


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Fingers are crossed the weather holds out tonight for Nation! And, as my plans for Saturday were cruelly shot down (again,) the good news is that clears the path for Interpol at the Recher on Monday.

RQ cooked a tasty dinner yesterday for my sister and my sister's fiancee and us. Their wedding plans were discussed, our baby and gatos were shown off. The only downside is I am currently dead tired.

Howard Kurtz takes on the case of the anti-war demonstrators.

Embarrassing: a tyrannical warlord like Mugabe bringing up a good point about our behavior overseas.

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Bow down before the might of Scorpio

Because not enough of my friends post up their horoscopes by Rob Brezny (www.freewillastrology.com)
"Arunothai Sriaran is Thailand's new "Miss Drunk." She won the title in a contest after gulping down too much wine and navigating her way through an obstacle course while wearing a heavy silk dress and golden headgear. In the insouciant spirit of this wicked fun, and in accordance with your current astrological omens, I hereby name you "Ms. (or Mr.) Drunk-on-Life." Your carefree and mischievously benevolent reign will last for either three weeks or until you stop learning new tricks about the art of being intelligently wild, whichever comes last."

Yes, Mr. Brezny, I may be Drunk on Life, but tonight I intend to be Drunk on Booze.