February 22nd, 2003


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Last night was a fine roleplaying session, thanks to Aztec bringing over the Vampire/Shadowrun group we were in last fall. RQ and I took some time to catch-up, and we were both baby and sleepy distracted, but the whole shee-bang worked out very well (though very late.)

Tomorrow, my mom has volunteered to come by again (I said I would only ask her every two weeks to babysit, but if she wants to step up to the plate for more, more power to her.) So, probably a matinee of Chicago.

So, I also caught the two final episodes of Birds of Prey. Had I a forty, I would pour out an ounce. Like its spiritual predecessor, Kindred: the Embraced, the last episode of BoP was by far the best (hmmm, also like Dark Angel. Wait, I only saw two episodes of DA, the first one and the last one.) Anyways, the major reason it was awesome was Mia Sara got to actually act like Harley Quinn, which was all that (still should have been Sherilyn Fenn, though.)

Oh, here's some pictures of a bunch of role-playing dorks meeting with the actors from Joss Whedon's shows. Speaking of which, Mongoose Publishing has won the rights for a new Babylon 5 RPG.(Both thanks Magistrate.)

Hot from The Straight Dope: Who is Nielsen and how does he count who watches TV?

* eBay, ever anxious to up profits, bends over backward to provide data to law enforcement officials. (Thanks, um, Baroness?)
* Casting complete for the third Harry Potter movie. I'm very happy with Sirius, but very wait--and-see on Lupin (that guy from The Island of Dr. Moreau!) and Dumbledore (Why oh why wasn't it Christopher Lee!)
* This makes me happy: Ads before movies prompt lawsuit (thanks Sailor Tork!)