February 18th, 2003


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Happy birthday to Yoko Ono, who turns 70 today.

In case I didn't mention, my sister Patches and her boyfriend/fiancee/ex-skinhead tattoo artist roommate are moving back from Phoenix, AZ, to MD. Which is good. I am sorry it didn't work out for them out there, and I will miss having a place to stay there (ok, my high school friend is still there.) But I think the job market here is actually better for them both, and I will get to see them more.

Hmmm, I just realized I haven't planned a 'night off from baby' this week. Anyone interested? Thursday looks good, tentatively.

Remember how Goblin *just* played his first game of Heroclix a couple weeks back? Not only is he working toward complete sets, but he's also done some conversions, the bastard.

Gamers: March 4th is declared GM's Day!

* Disaster provides rare insight behind the curtain of network news. (Personally, I am hoping Comcast picks up the new Arab news network. Er, presuming they broadcast in English.)
* Liberals starting their own talk-radio network. Funny, I thought they had one, called NPR. Heh heh.
* And, as always, Howard Kurtz, this time on that new presidential race reality show.