February 11th, 2003


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So, Monday night on the Daily Show they solved the crisis in the Middle East. I'm not kidding. It was awesome. If anyone knows of a site that does transcripts, or just grabs quotes, drop me a line.

Wait, what do you mean that our director of Mideast affairs for the National Security Council is the same guy convicted of two counts of lying to Congress in Iran-Contra, then pardoned by Bush Sr. ads;fljkds

Academy award nominations are up. Check out Regent's entry for the list, and my first impressions.

And speaking of the best films ever made, I saw Kangaroo Jack last night and can promise you, it isn't one of them. However, I never thought in all my years I would see a kangaroo do an impersonation of Christopher Walken in a movie where Jerry O'Connell plays a hairdresser, but there it is. After the film, a fine dinner with my cohort (Operative X, the only person I know other than myself who actively wanted to see KJ) in which I also discovered Du Claw has a beer that I like. Weird.

Oh, and Saturday, I caught the episode of A Makeover Story where they, um, makeover Ty and Amy Wynn from Trading Spaces. It was a pretty damn awesome episode. Ty amuses me to no end, and inadvertently does a fine Angel impersonation. Amy Wynn wears a hot backless number which shows off her impressive musculature (ifyahknowwhatImean.) (Wait, that is what I mean. Nevermind.)

Fortune Cookie: "No one knows what he can do until he tries."