February 10th, 2003


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Finished reading What They Did to Princess Paragon by Robert Rodi, Enjoyed it, but it isn't for everyone. Full review to come.

Through no fault of my own, it looks like I will be able to attend the Cryfest dance party this Saturday at the Black Cat. Anyone else going?

Speaking of: clubbing people, go here.

Yesterday, a successful dinner with the parents at my place. This making dinner for people might be the best way to trick my friends into visiting. Afterwards, I must note Sunday TV rocks. Even with the Adult Swim diaspora, we got an awesome episode of Samurai Jack ('The Three Hundred Plus One,' the Spartan episode, which I now have on tape!) followed by the second-best episode of the Powerpuff Girls ("Los Dos Mojos," starring Mojo Bubbles.) [The best episode being the broccoli from space episode, of course.] And then Futurama and Sealab 2021, yay.

And tonight, Kangaroo Jack!

Fortune Cookie: "Your energy is at a peak. Channel it into creative activities."