February 5th, 2003


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Yesterday presented a fine stolen lunch break with Operative X at the Marathon Deli, with a follow-up at the Closet of Comics. Gold, I tell you, gold.

Not Another Teen Movie is a lot funnier in theory than in practice. All the elements were there for a good flick, but the cylinders weren't firing. However, it has a superfluous song-and-dance number, which always makes fora fine movie. (On a side note, the DVD apparently has 16 deleted scenes, which is an awful amount.)

Also, while channel-surfing a couple days ago, I turned to my favorite, Telemundo, and found Beso del Vampiro," which I believe translates to "Kiss of the Vampire." It was this weird half-comedy, half-soap opera. Pretty amusing, I may have to try watching it again when I am less tired/more drunk.

HBO is getting Ali G. This pleases me to no end.

Speaking of foreign viewing, I also saw a couple episodes of Serial Experiment Lain. A lot of anime fans are all hyper over this thing, but I wasn't impressed over what I saw. Can anyone out there tell me if it is worth pursuing further?

Fortune Cookie: "You will be rewarded for your efforts."
CD: Enigma, "MCMXC a.D." (It's nostalgia day.)