February 4th, 2003


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Harry Potter gets Vatican's blessing

"I don't think there's anyone in this room who grew up without fairies, magic and angels in their imaginary world. They aren't bad. They aren't serving as a banner for an anti-Christian ideology. If I have understood well the intentions of Harry Potter's author, they help children to see the difference between good and evil. And she is very clear on this."
-Rev. Don Peter Fleetwood, at a Vatican news conference

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"Some would argue that the president himself benefited from a form of affirmative action because as a C student, he only got into Yale because his father was a wealthy alumnus. But the White House counters that Saddam is a menace and must be stopped." -Jon Stewart

Concerts I want to hit

See, I always forget February to April is prime concerting season. Were she here, Amsterdamned would set me straight, but I'm not always known for learning lessons well.

Anyways, in an ideal world (Time + Money,) this is the list of things I would hit:

9:30 Club
Cyndi Lauper: (2/11) (!)
KRS-One (2/13) (!!)
Paul Weller (2/19) (Wait, I am thinking of Peter Weller. Nevermind.)
Erasure (3/2) (They're neat.)
godspeed you black emperor (3/4) (Them too.)
For RQ, I list: Toad the Wet Sprocket (3/5)
Interpol (3/9, Recher) (!)
Sigur Ros (3/18 *and* 3/19!) (Man oh man.)

Le Chat Noir:
Washington Social Club (2/6) (Heard good things.)

Also, Carbonleaf is touring with Great Big Sea, but tragically no closer than NC.

Oh, and since I mentioned it to a couple people, but apparently I will be missing it for a more important commitment, lemme pass along the Goth Prom I never had (*sniff*):

Black Cat:
Feb 15th, Saturday 9:30pm $6.00 MAINSTAGE