January 31st, 2003


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I think I sprained my arm hauling the bebe around the house. I was holding her for like a half-hour or so, and then when I actually tried to unbend my arm after I put her down, shooting pain. Meh. Well, a quiet night of downloading music, watching Samurai Jack, and fingers crossed, enburninating a CD or two.

Tomorrow, we try again to bring the Zoe to the nursing home to meet the Nana.

Must-read story: While the US is obsessed with Iraq, things are going to hell in Pakistan.

Awesome transcript from one of my favorite news sources, the Daily Show. (Courtesy whoever sent this to me, I forgot.)

And a crazy, hippie article on traffic waves, courtesy Bob the Angry Flower. (It just might work, though!)

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Fortune Cookie: "Use your talents. That's what they are intended for."
CD: Rammstein, "Stripped" (Yes, the Depeche Mode song.) (It rules.) (Sorta.)