January 29th, 2003


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OK, actual State of the Union address review later. I just read the indexed transcript on the washingtonpost.com this morning.

No new Buffy last night? Mother bitches. Though, I got the first episode with the, uh, First on tape, thanks to FX, my "All Buffy, all the time" channel.

And in awesome news, the Vatican is having an online vote for patron saint of the Internet. I will be voting for Maximilian Kolbe, as he was my pick for my confirmation name.

HobbyWorks in Laurel is having a sale, 20% off all (non-new release) d20 products. Check it out! They got some good stuff.

Click here to download the NPR interview about the new National Geographic swimsuit issue. (For those who don't like .ram files, here's a more forgiving article on the AP newswire.

Decent update to my Quote-O-Rama to make up for the week I missed. Still plotting re-org. Still taking suggestions from anyone who cares.

Ordered recently from Amazon: the book club book and Jennifer Government (this was before the news of the car insurance hit.)

Still working on Lego barrier tokens for Heroclix. It's taking longer than originally planned, as I got sidetracked organizing my Legos. But anyways. Ice barriers went well, but I'm really hung up on the fire ones.

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OK, my actual thoughts on the State of the Union address, which I skipped last night in favor of watching Smallville. Thusly, working from the indexed transcript on washingtonpost.com that I read this morning. (I always read speeches the next day. I heart transcripts.)

First, I am glad I didn't watch, since they seemed to break for applause every two sentences or so.

My next impression was, he sure has a lot of ways to spend new money, but where is this money coming from? Last I checked, Bush put us back in the deficit in a bad way, and now on top of a war or two *plus* cutting taxes, he's got a passel of new ways to spend some money?

Don't get me wrong. I am *all* for hydrogen fuel research and money to fight AIDS in Africa. And drug treatment centers! (Hopefully, it doesn't all go to faith-based initiatives, because, ew.) I'm even for getting rid of Saddam, in general.

As NPR pointed out on my drive home today, Bush promised a lot of money last year as well, but when he turned in his budget a couple weeks later, oddly enough a lot of those social projects got cut, some all the way to zero. Again, a disparity between what is said and what is done.

And anything named the "Citizen Service Act" scares me only slightly less than the name "the PATRIOT act."

Highly recommended, the drinking game. No, no human could actually drink that much, but very interesting to read the stats.

"Why didn't Bush talk about the state of the union? Because the state of the union is nothing to talk about. The stock market is in the toilet. The economy is going nowhere. Unemployment is up. The deficit is out of control. Remember those State of the Union speeches Bill Clinton gave? The guy couldn't stop quoting happy numbers. That's one problem Bush doesn't have."
-William Saletan, for the Slate. (Courtesy Howard Kurtz's fine, fine article covering today's reactions to the Statue of the Union address.