January 22nd, 2003


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TV Show Wrapup!
* Adult Swim - Harder to catch, since they have spread it out and I don't know the new schedule, exactly. However, still a treat.
* Angel - They've got my attention. And poor Gavin! But, yay Lila. I know where you can hide out! With Lindsey! Anyways.
* Birds of Prey - I think it's gone for good now. I'm not crying.
* Buffy - The last scene on last night's show, between Xander and Dawn, made the entire season worthwhile. And I am not joking.
* Firefly - Still MIA. *sniff*
* Joe Millionaire - Still rooting for the Andi McDowell girl.
* Justice League - The art's a little, uh, stylish, but it's fun.
* Samurai Jack - The best cartoon being produced, and one of the better shows on TV.
* Scrubs - Still best new show, though tied with...
* The Shield - It's awesome.
* Ultraviolet - The best damn vampire cop TV show made in England four years ago.