January 17th, 2003


a parenthetical paradise

Yeah, I've got a lot more (sorta) free time at home at odd hours, so be ready for a LIVEJOURNAL STAMPEDE.

To answer a couple people's questions, my daughter's name will contain no umlaut. Believe me, I dig the umlaut (ifyahknowwhatImean) but if I can't type it (easily) then I ain't gonna bother.

And I am so giving up on NationStates. Too dang slow.

My faith in the American public is waning: too many believe the media should be banned from wars. Sigh. Can't we make a blockbuster summer movie about a wartime reporter righting wrongs and, uh, punching someone?

Speaking of movies... " [Martin] Lawrence's appeal is still incomprehensible -- to call him a poor man's Richard Pryor libels not just Pryor but also the 33 million Americans currently living under the poverty line." -from a fine, fine Post movie review of National Security and A Guy Thing. (Courtesy the notorious Operative X.)