January 16th, 2003


(no subject)

Red Queen, zhe bebe and I are home and doing fine. Just getting assimilated into things again, unpacked, etc. Looking forward to create comforts like, oh, a shower and clean clothes whenever I want.

If anyone wants to stop by for a visit, we'll be home all the time for, oh, a long while (and keeping odd hours, courtesy of zhe aforementioned bebe, for you night owls.) Just give us a call ahead of time, is really all we ask. OK, we may ask you to bring us food, but who knows. And not tonight. :}

And a zillion thanks to everyone's kind replies to e-mail and posts.

(Some more pictures from that camera-sneaking fool, Agent Dieter, who is so kind he may get upgraded to a better code name.)

Oh, and a final note: I heart somethingpositive in general, and today's comic in specific. The only way the comic could get any better was mentioning Shadowrun, and whoop there it is.