January 12th, 2003


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Red Queen still not in labor. Red Queen's mother still in town (until like the 22nd, which will be very helpful once we actually have a bebe, but until that point, yeah, we're entertaining.)

Suffice it to say, I'm getting bored sitting around the house. Though I am watching a lot of TV and movies, and have gotten some painting and Diablo done. But, yeah.

Lost Souls was pretty bad, in a weird way. The lighting was *awful.* I mean, they might have been going for 'atmospheric,' but it really just came out as 'too dark to see what's going on.' It was a very ehn film, anti-climatic and predictable.

Witch Hunt, on the other hand, was a good treat. It's a decent follow-up to fan favorite Cast a Deadly Spell, and Dennis Hopper does a different but still OK job of standing in for Fred Ward. (You know your sequel is gonna be low-budget when Fred Ward doesn't want to be in it.) But you *can't* go wrong with Julian Sands.

Man, the things I wish I didn't find while looking around on the imdb.

"The Legislature couldn't reform it, lawmakers won't repeal it, but I will not stand for it. I must act." -Gov. George Ryan, who commuted all Illinois death sentences. He's my hero today.