January 4th, 2003


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On a whim last night, RQ and I watched Thinner. I enjoyed the book a fair amount, but the movie was lacking something. There was really nothing wrong with it, but it had a very made-for-TV feel to it. Not terribly exciting, not insightful enough to really get in the characters' heads. The makeup effects were good, I confess, and the acting was decent, though no one stood out. Not bad, but not interesting. Lesson of the movie: make friends with Joe Mantegna.

Also, we've been watching The Shield (since they are showing all the episodes nightly, as season two premieres soon.) It's pretty good, and meets my 'no good guys' requirement to like a show. I won't be following it religiously or anything, but definitely something to catch marathons of. Heh. (Scrubs may still end up getting me, but yeah.)

Man, wouldn't it be scary if Clonaid was right?

NEWS ZOO REVIEW: Heh, someone's taking pharmaceutical companies to task, claiming they invented female sexual dysfunction just to market their product. Meanwhile, telemarketers are forced to change their strategies, as they realize everyone hates them. And damnit, the French are getting feisty again. VA residents, here's a report on the success of Project: Exile.

CD playing: a whole bunch! But *why*?! (ATM, something... French?)
Fortune Cookie: "Listen attentively. You will come out ahead."