December 26th, 2002


The FAQ Question of the Day

According to a NASA study, a colony needs a population in the hundreds of thousands to support any kind of industry. How could we get that many people to live in a space ark? It would be very expensive.

This study must have been based on out-of-date technology. All that is required is human DNA and robots to create the human colony at the desired destination. (Such a method could be used for interstellar space travel, for example.) Our planned space arks, however, will contain 1,000 fully developed humans.

-from the Lifeboat Foundation FAQ (thanks to SomethingAwful.)

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Nice low-key Christmas yesterday, got to see Mom and Dad, they also sprung Nana for the day, she's doing well enough. Got to see both sisters and their respective SOs as well. Younger sister might be moving back to Maryland this year, which would be great.

Also, we got home in time to catch a bunch of the Trading Spaces marathon (not one episode we had seen before!) and, one of my favorite films, Gremlins 2. John Glover, I love you.

By the way, Exit Mundi has been updated! Make sure to read the one called 'Holograms" (or "Stop!")

Primer for the new year, the top ten space mysteries for 2003.

NEWS: Bush's conservative agenda lags, even in the face of a tough year for cloning legislation. Another example is schools forced to have shorter school weeks just to save money. And an inquiry is being started to keep movie production in Hollywood.