December 7th, 2002


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Happy birthday Tom Waits!

After getting surprised by a *new* episode of Firefly last night, Red Queen and I stayed up to watch A Fistful of Dollars. Just as good as I remember it, despite me dozing off a couple times.

Fun fact time! If you were to exert the pressures of childbirth that are exerted upon the child, and exert proportional pressures on a full-grown adult, the adult would *die.*

I *also* finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It may be my favorite of the lot, despite the plot being really all over the map. The characters are more complex. Having more adults around, with more snippets of the previous generations of Hogwart's students, was almost as charming as the views of other countries' wizards. The question is, am I lame enough to get the Dark mark as a tattoo? (You'd think, sure, I'm lame enough. but bear in mind I haven't even gotten that gaming tattoo I have meant to, all these years. Anyways.) Oh, and once the movie is out, I will also buy a Death Eater mask.

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