October 25th, 2002


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Well, I have had a headache for just about 24 hours straight now.

I've misplaced my Mordheim book. It's highly frustrating. I despise losing things, forgetting where I put them or to whom I loaned them, because it makes me think, what else have I lost of forgotten that I don't remember anymore? And with my poor memory, it happens a lot, probably more than I want to think about.

Though, on a more positive note, I did remember to set up the VCR to tape Firefly tonight.

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NEWS ROUNDUP: Another nail in the cyberpunk coffin: media giants are selling off many non-core assets.

There's urban warfare in the streets of Colombia. Elsewhere in the world, China isn't that great yet, either. And once again, I wonder why Saudi Arabia is our ally.

How the media caught the sniper. And how the experts were wrong about the killer's profile. Also, the sniper case causing a push to fingerprint guns, which I am all over. Even Interpol is catching up with the times.

Oh yeah, the bad economy is now the era of the working poor.

Interesting discussion of the uniquely American hoax of self-esteem being taught in today's schools.

URL: http://www.howstuffworks.com/chupacabra.htm (courtesy Operative X.)
Quote: "I've been doing this kind of work for 40 years, and I can't think of a single case where a piece of information let a criminal escape justice. I can think of hundreds of cases where information led to justice being done." -Bob Long, news director of WRC-TV (Channel 4)