October 13th, 2002


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So, last night the goal was to go see Knockaround Guys with my friends. Unfortunately, Red Queen accidentally locked her keys in her car at a gas station in northern Virginia (luckily, next to her work.) So, while she made it back after a couple hours, it was naturally right after the showing started. B.a.h. Anyways, we caught a later show at Snowden.

Knockaround Guys isn't as funny as I expected it to be, but I was relatively happy with it anyways. Vin Diesel plays the same role he has elsewhere, but still does a decent job of it; he's got a natural charisma which will take him far. Barry Pepper looks very corpse-like as well, maybe one day we'll get a zombie buddy cop movie starring him and Guy Pearce. Oh, and Seth Green rules, as always.

I also finished First and Only, the pulpy 40k fiction novel I have been reading. It was amusing; Dan Abnett has a real talent for making you care about the characters. Now, to hold off starting anything else until the book club book is announced.