October 9th, 2002


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A treasure trove for quotation fans: The Onion AV Club finds out, once and for all, is there a God? And since you asked, I agree with Bill Maher.

Still looking for a good way to explain my opinion about this Sniper Thing. The short answer is, yes, it's horrible, and whoever it is is an evil, sick person. however, I still think the public is panicking, and the media is once again getting goofy. This guy wants attention, and I don't think it's helping to give it to him. Though, I admit an interest in reading things like the theories on the killer's profile, in a true crime sort of way. My mom always said I would make a good criminologist. But then again, the other two careers she though I would excel in are 'priest' and 'bartender,' so take that for what you will.

YOU LOVE NEWS: Some unasked questions on Iraq, and the the bloody fallacy of a war to end terror.

Firing missiles into a crowded street full of civilians is now considered a success by Sharon.

Online news: Tough words on 'griefers,' online bullies in MMORPGs and the like. And, research being put in to combatting cyberterror.

Looking back at space 45 years after Sputnik. and, some opinions reversing in the generation gap.