October 8th, 2002


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Someone remind me why I am not watching Samurai Jack more religiously? I'm thinking it might be one of the better shows on TV. Well, one of the better cartoons, anyways. The episode Sunday was heavily based on Thermopylae, which everyone knows I adore.

Red Dragon was pretty damn good. Better than Manhunter, care I say. Of course, there were still problems. Everyone's ages were all wrong. Ed Norton looks too young, and man, Hopkins looked way too old, even in relation to Silence of the Lambs. *Apparently,* they were talking for a while about casting Jude Law as Lecter. Filmmakers, who I know read my LiveJournal in droves, listen up: if you're thinking about casting Jude Law in a movie, do it. Anyways, everyone was awesome, even Philip Seymour Hoffman, who stars as Joe Don Baker in the movie.

Finally saw new Two Towers trailer. Might go see it. Looks like it has elves and crap in it.

After the movie, Operative X and I raided the cheap cassette bins at the local FYE, as her new car is tape-player enabled. We each had like ten tapes in our hands when we decided $40 worth of crappy music isn't funny anymore. So we pared down our selections, and everyone is a winner. Day One of crappy car music for me is Greatest Disco Groups, which is volume 4 of the Disco Nights series. [Contents: It's Raining Men, Disco Inferno, Funkytown, Boogie Oogie Oogie, YMCA, Get Down Tonight, Shake Your Groove Thing and a couple more.]

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CD: James Brown, "Super Bad"
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